Friday, February 13, 2009

On the Heights

Today I went upstairs for something and happened to see this guy looking in the window! Poor guy, I think he's lonely! He's the lone survivor of a flock of guineas that Dad had some time ago. Sometimes he's so starved for social interaction that he tries to play with the dog. Sparky is actually a little scared of him when he "attacks".

The view from outside.
Talking about heights, here's another view of someone on the heights. Yikes! Not for me! Daryl is up on a ladder on the barn roof fastening down some roofing that blew loose last night in the wind. That other guy in the wagon is Dad.:)
I think it's quite a creative way to keep the ladder in place. Just back up the wagon, afix the ladder to the wagon, and crawl on up! DEFINITELY not for me!

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Ruth said...

Just wanted to let you know there are still people who read your blog. Thanks for putting the work into it.
P.S. Stay warm at McDonalds.