Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last weekend my 3 neices came to our place for a sleepover. It was a weekend of seeing lots of baby animals. Friday evening we went to Daryl and Brenda's to see their conglomeration of baby ducks, geese, chicks, and turkeys.
Matt and Sam holding a baby turkey and a duckling (I think:)
Here's the mix!

Katrina with a gosling

Looks like Sam and the gosling are getting along just fine!:)

Karissa with a gosling

Matt and a duckling? Or maybe it's a gosling?

Saturday morning my three neices and I walked about a mile down to our neighbor's pond to see the swan babies there.

It turned out the daddy swan was rasing the three babies, and he was a bit protective, as we found out.

Poor Katrina got marooned on the little island, and we had a difficult time diverting Mr. Swan's attention long enough for her to jump back to safety!

Aren't they cute?

We made one more stop at another neighbor's farm to see their kittens.

When it was time to take the girls home, we stopped along the road to see this cute little guy. He was curious but skittish, so we didn't really get a chance to pet him.