Monday, January 12, 2009

Harriet Carter and Names

I'm STILL working at Hariet Carter! I was told I'd be hired till Christmas. So far, though many other temps have been laid off, I am still there. For those of you who don't know what Harriet Carter is, you can visit their website at . It is a mail order company that sells many novelty gift items.

Maybe you've seen a catalog like the one below, or maybe you even received it in the mail???:)

I started out working in personalization, the department that takes care of any item that is to be personalized with a name. I've had a lot of fun seeing what names--both for people and for pets--are popular/unique.

The pet names that topped the list of unique/creative??--include Poopie Princess (I know of a dog that could be named Peepee Princess instead of her given name of Kaya:) Then there's Tripod, Charlie Chan, and Sushi. Okay.....?? And one order had a pair of names: Scooter and Skeeter; do ya think they're twins??

As for people names, here's a few of the more unique ones: Zion, Satchel (why not just call 'im "Bag"?:), Jaldla, Malachi, Alex Gell, Jadon Hay.

A couple more popular boy's names were Aiden and Daniel. Girl's names I apparently forgot to write down and now I have forgotten them entirely, apart from Autumn. I think Samantha was another common name I saw.

Sorry, no great pictures this blog. I'm getting lazy!:)