Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family Events

Wow, Dad and I got to "go bowling" via the wii a few weeks back. What fun! Garry and Kirsten invited Mom, Dad, and I over one Sunday afternoon, and Garry showed us how to use the wii--a first for both Dad and me.:)

While I scored MUCH better than I do in real life, I still didn't score all that well. Ah well, such is life!

Last Sunday evening the family was invited to Phil and Renee's to celebrate Katrina's 12th birthday. Just one more year till they have their first teenager!

The cousins had quite a pillow fight going on for a little while.

I like Caleb's shirt! He loves drawing roads, so we had fun pretending the stripes on his shirt were roads to travel up, down, and around.

Karissa with Aunt Brenda:)

PS I don't know why the pictures decided to position themselves where they did--they just did and I don't know how to fix it.:)

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norhisham said...

We did visited Mcdonald's in Bangkok once remember.So, I do not see any problem with working there. Take care. Be nice.