Thursday, April 2, 2009

Of Blogs and Jobs and Trips

I haven't done any blogs in quite some time. I find that I am less motivated to run off somewhere to use the internet, thus the more sporadic postings. If you continue reading after this post, however, you will find a few new posts to help catch you up on a few events in my life.

Regarding a job, if you haven't already heard, I was laid off from Harriet Carter the end of January, went serious job hunting for two weeks, and "finally" got hired by McDonald's. I have never had a real desire to work in fast food, but I have gained a great deal of respect for those who do this job.

Multi-tasking and speed are high priorities there, and I am not strong in either aspect. Let me restock or clean or do other behind the scenes work, but do a gazillion things at the same time while keeping everyone's orders straight has not proved to be an area of gifting for me.

I am grateful that God has provided me with a source of income while at the same time hoping He has another job lined up for me before too much longer. One that capitalizes on my strengths.:) I am also grateful that my co-workers and supervisors are very patient and encouraging.

The final piece of this update regards an upcoming trip in July. I am THRILLED to have been asked to be one of two delegates from my church to go to Mennonite World Conference in Paraguay this coming July. I didn't expect to be doing any long distance traveling for a long time, but God is providing this opportunity, and I am excitedly anticipating participation in this event.

I think that about does it for now. You have all the basic news in my life. Feel free to leave comments or email me. I love hearing from you.


Bethany G. said...

Thanks for the update on your life, Sharon! I didn't realize that you were working at McD's - mmm...I'm hungry. Ship me some chicken nuggets, would ya? : )

Janet said...

Hello Sharon, I enjoyed looking at your pictures. :) I liked the walk around your farm and neighborhood. Sometimes you take forgranted the beauty that is all around you.
Have a fun time in Paraguay, we will be praying for you. :)